Art Festival

2013 EL Art 3
I love a good art festival.  Heck, I even love a sub-par art festival, the untrained eye doesn’t exactly know the difference.  I enjoy putting on something fun, walking around in the weather, people watching, and maybe even taking home something I can’t live without.  And there is always good carny food at art festivals.  Looking at the different art forms that culminate at a festval is inspiring.  There is always the “I could that” opinion of some booths, but DO you?  That’s the thing, these people are honing their craft, making the effort to travel to shows, sit in sometimes unruly weather, and really put themselves out there.  I love it.

Every year my town has a pretty substantial art festival.  (What is the difference between a festival and a fair, really?)  The weather was glorious enough that we rode our bikes downtown, put them in the bike valet, and strolled around the grounds.  This year I didn’t find any treasures I absolutely couldn’t live without, but did have a pretty killer mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone.

This art festival trip marked probably my very first foray into the “I’m taking my camera everywhere with me” mentality, and thus, I didn’t actually get many pictures.  I’ll definitely get over the awkward feeling of taking out my camera in the middle of a crowded sidewalk, but this was what I could manage for the day.

2013 EL Art 1
2013 EL Art 2

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