Girls Weekend, Lake Michigan Cottage, Take Two

Girls Weekend 2013 View
Girls weekend, second annual edition, was a success.  So much in fact, that I didn’t do nearly the exploring on the property as last year.  Full disclosure:  Instead, I sat in the hot tub overlooking Lake Michigan, and then shot air rifles (in a lady-like cardigan, of course).
Girls Weekend 2013 5

On Saturday morning I got up early and went for a run – I love when I can get out of the house before anyone and really greet the day.  (In hindsight, I may start bringing my camera jogging a la “Yes Man.”)  The weather was the right amount of pensive, cloudy, and balmy.  All the colors were slightly muted, and everything in the woods was still.  I cam around a bend in the road and the lake just opened up – gray, crashing, windy, desolate – just like I love it.  There are bathing suit beach days and then there are sweatpants with shoes and socks beach days – this was a pants day.  I only saw four cars while I was out, and they seemed to contain people out enjoying the morning just as I was.  So I did I did do some exploring, in a sense.

Girls Weekend 2013 1
Later in the morning I proposed a beach walk to the gang, and a few adventurous souls bundled up and made the trek.  We were handsomely rewarded, as the beach and surround area was incredibly fun.  We came across a lake with a creek that ran into Lake Michigan.  We walked under the very bridge I had run across that morning.  I found a few treasures, including an old bottle that I filled up with sand.  Maybe I’ll put it with my crane from last year – my girls weekend souvenir.

Girls Weekend 2013 2Girls Weekend 2013 3Girls Weekend 2013 Fireplace and ChairsGirls Weekend 2013 7


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