Golf Lessons

Fore!  Alright, I haven’t yelled that yet, but I COULD! Part of my summer enrichment program (that has so fantastically dwindled) was taking some golf lessons at a nearby course.  For six weeks, every Tuesday evening, I would methodically RACE home from work in order to be at the course, changed and ready to go, by 6:00pm.  The class was Get Golf Ready – for complete beginners and people who might be a little rusty.  I’m somewhere in the middle – a rusty beginner, if you will.  Lessons finished up the week of July 4th, and I finally got to put my skills to practice.  We went out this past Sunday in the blistering heat – because actual golfers only go at dusk or dawn, the middle of the day is for beginners.  It wasn’t so bad, the heat.  I averaged a 7 on pretty much every hole.  And if you don’t have a golfing background, I’ll just tell you – that’s not good. Most holes are supposed to have a score of 3, 4, or 5. But I’m kind of pumped about 7, because it used to be 8, 9, or I lost track. So this is an improvement!  And I didn’t even throw any clubs! Hopefully this heat will break a little so I can go out again this week, and break my streak of sevens….maybe shoot for six.

I definitely recommend the lessons.  They weren’t all that much money, surprisingly, and it helped to get some real instruction, so now I ACTUALLY know what to do as opposed to just going to the driving range and winging it.


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