Common Ground

Common Ground AWOL
Every summer mid-Michigan has a week-long music festival, Common Ground.  The acts run the gamut from “on their way up” to “on their way down” – you might see someone that was really big in the eighties or nineties, as well as some obscure band just getting their start.  (I like to refer to it as a step away from the casino or county fair circuit.)  Ryan and I usually go for one of the nights.  For us, the bands are somewhat inconsequential.  We love festivals, people watching, beer drinking, carnie food, being outside, and live music.

So there really isn’t much more you could ask for here.  Below are some shots of our annual trip to Common Ground – where, if you’re wondering, this year we saw Twenty One Pilots, AWOL Nation, Flint Eastwood, and MGMT.  What do you think?  Does your town have any sweet (or even half-way cool) festivals?  For us this is kind of the set up to getting EVEN MORE excited for Lollapalooza, which we go to every August in Chicago…

Common Ground Al Ryan
Common Ground Stage and Kites
Common Ground Kites Close Up
Common Ground Crowd
Common Ground Sky
Common Ground Al Ryan BW

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