Pardon Our Dust

You may have noticed a definitive absence here that started around late February.  I decided my services were needed elsewhere.  And by elsewhere I mean my guest bathroom on the second floor.  But wait, Alison, it’s May.  Good catch.  As it turns out, renovating a bathroom 90% solo, while maintaining your normal life, takes a very long time. Here is that saga. Totally worth it.

The first step was to take down the under-the-sea-themed wallpaper.  Few things elicit an outpouring of empathy like telling people you have to take down old wallpaper.  After a long first day of steaming, scraping, and peeling, I felt like I was making progress.  Then the next morning I woke up for work looking like Bob Costas at the Sochi Olympics.  (Sorry, Bob.)  It was unsightly, to say the least. I went to work anyway, and made sure to tell my (few) co-workers that I didn’t have the plague, but rather a wicked allergic reaction to something in the wallpaper.  They looked dubious.  But I pressed on.

A real highlight was when I removed light fixtures and a toilet myself.  Myself.  I spent the next few days telling anyone who would listen.  (Sorry, real life friends.)

A list of the work:  Removed all the old baseboards/trim, unhooked plumbing, removed laminate/MDF back splashes, removed cabinet doors, removed cabinet hardware, painted cabinetry and shelves, spray-painted hardware, primed (2 coats), painted the ceiling, walls, and trim. Chiseled/filed away all the old caulk and grout on the tile tub surround, re-grouted the tub, caulked the tub and countertop.  With Ryan’s assistance, I also put in two new light fixtures, installed a new sink/countertop, and installed a new toilet.  Ryan laid new laminate flooring – chosen 100% because we already had three unused boxes of it in the basement – and installed new baseboards.

There are a couple little things still to finish, like hanging towel racks and caulking the rest of the baseboards/trim, but the bathroom is fully functional again, and really beautiful.  I learned a ton on this project – I had a surprising amount of patience for how disorganized and messy the entire second floor was, and also didn’t get too discouraged at how long everything took.  (Plus is was a great running Dad-joke:  “What are you doing this weekend?”  “Oh, I’ll be in the bathroom!”  Har har.)

What do you think?

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