Travel Flashback: Tulum

When summertime finally comes around in Michigan, it’s easy to lose sight of months that creep by without a sliver of light or warmth. But even with newly abundant sunshine and everything in full bloom here at home, these photos of Tulum still manage to evoke wonderful memories of breezy mornings and hazy afternoons that warmed my cold winter bones. 

One highlight of the the trip was a much-anticipated day in Tulum proper, which turned out a bit unfruitful due to unexpected weather, ill preparedness, and a plain old language barrier. As it turned out, simply heading in the general direction of town wasn’t stunningly successful. But I’m un-deterred, and will head back armed with something more closely resembling a plan. You win some you lose some. The ruins, however, were beautiful. We did manage to soak up plenty of sunshine, eat and drink well, and even do a little bay and cenote snorkeling.

So, while the trip didn’t contain as much exploring as is my typical preference, it was still beautiful, relaxing, and exciting all at the same time. A brief Tulum photo diary:

TulumBeach TulumRuinsTulumView  TulumRuin TulumHillside TulumDweller

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