A Little Bit About This Site…

As my interests have changed over the years, this site has grown along with them. I used to sew a good deal, not so much anymore. I used to enjoy writing book reviews – again, not so much anymore. I was a sometimes-diligent documentarian of my travel life, now it’s hit or miss. These days I find myself drawn more towards essays and commentary, a kind of “we’re all in this together but can you believe these people?” narrative.

My belief is that anything can help us grow as individuals if we look for it. Exposing yourself to things you usually shy away from is part of the spice of life. Here’s what you’ll find on the site from time to time:

  • Essays – Good-natured attempts to wrangle thoughts and experiences into coherent and sometimes helpful vignettes.
  • Reading and books – fiction, non-fiction, self help, biographies, history, etc. Never be embarrassed about what you’re reading.
  • Traveling, even a small adventure, means exploration – which opens your eyes to new things. Across town or across the country, it doesn’t matter.
  • Taking Classes – this is a no-brainer.  You take classes and learn new things, maybe meet new people.  It’s pretty simple. I’m a sucker for classes and certifications.
  • Projects – This falls into the category of trying new things, but also of accomplishment.  When you work on things and towards a goal, you grow.  Everyone loves a before and after.

This isn’t to say that all this is easy and delightful every day. There area lots of days where a Netflix binge seems more appealing, but that’s the way it goes. Inspiration is anywhere you find it, but you have to start looking first. With any luck, my exploits can inspire others to try something new.

 A Little Bit About Alison…

Alison lives in Michigan and Florida with her partner of fourteen years, Ryan, and dog, Ruby. Despite many attempts, she’s never been satisfied with doing one thing and sticking to it. (A great book called Renaissance Soul explains this.) A number of years ago she decided to stop feeling guilty about all those transient interests and celebrate them, and began to develop this site. It has gone through many iterations and names over the years. A junky for the written word, Alison has Bachelor’s degree in English from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in Literature from Eastern Michigan University. Her other interests include hiking, music festivals, exploring, motorcycles, drinks on patios, museums, pottery, lifting weights, and all kinds of other good stuff she doesn’t even know about yet.