Scuba Class!

Snorkel Find

In the spirit of bringing less stuff into the house, I wanted to do something for Ryan’s birthday that was going to be more of an experience than a tangible present. (My inspiration was the utterly amazing trip to Mackinac Island that my parents gave me for my birthday.) We’ve talked on and off about for a few years about getting our scuba certification. Continue reading

Common Ground

Common Ground AWOL
Every summer mid-Michigan has a week-long music festival, Common Ground.  The acts run the gamut from “on their way up” to “on their way down” – you might see someone that was really big in the eighties or nineties, as well as some obscure band just getting their start.  (I like to refer to it as a step away from the casino or county fair circuit.)  Ryan and I usually go for one of the nights.  For us, the bands are somewhat inconsequential.  We love festivals, people watching, beer drinking, carnie food, being outside, and live music. >

Movin’ and Shakin’

Posted this on my website this morning, wanted to give any of you new readers out there an idea of just what’s happening with this haphazard-looking project!  In the meantime, you can find me over here, at!

This just in, I’m not a programmer.  Surprise!

In the name of enrichment, albeit, maybe not so fearless, I’ve decided to change the platform on which my website is built. Right now I’m using Dot Net Nuke (DNN), which is a content management system built by programmers for relatively simple use by average folks. But since my resurgence in blogging/writing/web presence, I am experiencing some growing pains. I have limited access and capabilities in how much I can customize my site. SO, with that in mind, I’ve decided to take the plunge and move all my content over to Word Press. Gulp. I’ll spare some of the more technical details, but the new venue will allow for fancy words like syndication, analytics, widgets, integration, and so on.

While this shouldn’t bring me to tears, there are no guarantees. This is completely unexplored territory, but I’m trying to keep a positive outlook. (Isn’t that all we can do?) Or, as I wrote on my Word Press Plan O’ Action list, “Have fun with it, otherwise, what’s the point?”

Dear reader, what does this mean for you? Nothing, really. But! The new site will look a little sleeker and have some more features.  When all is said and done the old URL will move you seamlessly to the new space. Ta-dah!

So, time out as I migrate, yet again. Hopefully this will be my last move for a long time. Bon voyage!

Local Exploring, Easy Weekend

After traveling out of town for what seems like an entire month, it was time for a weekend at home.  Just what we needed.  While not adventuresome, per say, we did do some in-town exploring.  A bike ride to the local lake, lunch on the roof patio at my favorite restaurant in town, and a stop by the jazz festival (and impromptu car show!) going on downtown.  Sunday was spent at the driving range, and then about an hour south at Ryan’s parents house – and I must admit I was too busy playing with Ruby and enjoying the sun to remember any pictures. (Yikes!)

Weekend Lifeguard Bench
Lake Lansing definitely isn’t Lake Michigan, but it will do for a cool-off dip.

Weekend Shoreline
It’s funny to me that there are cottages on this lake – I never really think of where I live as anyone’s vacation spot, but if you lived in northern Ohio or south of Detroit, this would be an easy “up north” drive for the weekend.

Weekend Paddle Boats
Plus, there’s paddle boat rentals!  I need to come back and do this some evening, it might be fun.

Weekend El Az
I can’t think of anything better than spending a lazy afternoon on the roof of El Azteco drinking margaritas and eating chips.  We were fortunate to get a table in the shade with a nice breeze.  Glorious!

Weekend Roof View
So El Az doesn’t have a breathtaking view, but it’s not bad for people watching below.

Weekend Car Show 2
Weekend Car Show
After lunch we poked around downtown, and there was a little enclave of old cars all parks together just outside the jazz festival.  Antique English cars, which were very cool!

Weekend City Flower Pots