What Jealousy Can Teach Us - There’s a good chance I’ve been spending too much time on the internet. Spending too much time staring outward at what everyone else is doing, and too much time berating myself on the inside. My thoughts feel a little scummy as I scroll. Have your thoughts ever turned kind of judgy and mean while poking […]
New Year Thoughts - Each year January (or thereabouts) I try to set a new tone for the year. Not goals or resolutions, but guideposts to keep in mind day-to-day. I save the more concrete goal-setting for my birthday each year. But the new year thoughts are just that – little mantras to keep in my pocket for the […]
Make Noise and Take Up Space, or Loud Pipes and Heavy Weights: How changing my eating habits changed my thought process - Random side note: One thing I miss about grad school is writing papers. Egads, I know. An absurd appeal in writing Literature research papers is titling them, and including a “sexy subtitle.” So today’s post title is an ode to my Literature research days. Thanks for humoring me. Remember a few weeks ago when I […]
Why Motorcycles? Part II - Last week I talked about how my interest in motorcycles developed; this week’s installment dives into buying my first bike, and why I ride. Actually buying a motorcycle? Oh, I thought about it half-seriously for a couple weeks after my class. I’d endlessly peruse Cycle Trader and Craigslist, wondering if I would ever actually pull […]
Why Motorcycles? Part I - A few months ago I started writing a piece on the why and how of my interest in motorcycles. Once I started writing it grew a bit unwieldy, so I decided to break things up into a few installments. This is the first – where my interest in motorcycles came from in the first place, and how […]
Taking Stock - Any kind of life change affords one the opportunity to do some reflecting, a little looking forward, and the chance to contemplate what’s next. And what’s here now. It may seem silly, but how often do we pause to look around right where we are? Earlier this year, I shifted my focus to more cerebral pursuits […]
Slow Start – Happy 2015 - Just when you thought you’d managed to escape all those “welcome to a new year!” posts, up creeps another one, damn near into February. I took a blogging hiatus in November, focusing on fitness, changes in my job, and of course, holidays. Let’s just say I’m easing back into things. Last year I wanted to […]
Fresh Start. - For a blog about personal enrichment, I really missed the mark in 2013. That’s a little harsh; I did revamp the site and start posting more regularly. And, since once of my 2014 goals entails more self-compassion, we’ll chalk it up to the starts and stops that a new endeavor often brings. I’m a sucker for […]