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My (Pretty Much) Whole30 - Have you heard of the Whole30? Maybe you kind of know what it is? Well, I did one. Here’s how it went down. Brace yourself, this is kind of a long one. Thank goodness for amateur food photography. Wait, what exactly is the Whole30? In a nutshell, it’s 30 days of no-excuses super clean eating. […]
January - ‘That is very kind of you,’ said Dorthea, looking up at Mr. Casaubon with delight. ‘It is noble. After all, people may really have in them some vocation which is not quite plain to themselves, may they not? They may seem idle and weak because they are growing. We should be very patient with each […]
Hello Again - Screen Time Calamity Where Have I Been? Is this Blog On? Those are all titles for this post that I scrapped. See that picture up there? The one with the dual monitors and no outdoor view? That’s the view from my home office, where I work when I mean business. Business without distractions. See the […]
While You Were Out… - Here’s the thing with blogs about adventure or traveling. In order to have content, you have to you know, travel. My sincerest apologies for the radio-silence the past few weeks. I’ve been out exploring and collecting memories. I’ll be back later this week with some updates, recommended reading, and reports from the field. I hope […]
Literary Nostalgia - Every once in awhile, when I hear about someone teaching or studying literature, I feel a pang of nostalgia and remorse, all at once. It’s my one-that-got-away, my if-only. And as of late, I’ve found myself especially sensitive to the harshness of the world and its over-wrought media. So it’s only fitting that this poem, […]
Scuba Class! - In the spirit of bringing less stuff into the house, I wanted to do something for Ryan’s birthday that was going to be more of an experience than a tangible present. (My inspiration was the utterly amazing trip to Mackinac Island that my parents gave me for my birthday.) We’ve talked on and off about […]
Grow - “Our ability to grow is directly proportional to an ability to entertain the uncomfortable.” – Twyla Tharp
Common Ground - Every summer mid-Michigan has a week-long music festival, Common Ground.  The acts run the gamut from “on their way up” to “on their way down” – you might see someone that was really big in the eighties or nineties, as well as some obscure band just getting their start.  (I like to refer to it […]
Movin’ and Shakin’ - Posted this on my website this morning, wanted to give any of you new readers out there an idea of just what’s happening with this haphazard-looking project!  In the meantime, you can find me over here, at fearlessenrichment.com! This just in, I’m not a programmer.  Surprise! In the name of enrichment, albeit, maybe not so […]
Local Exploring, Easy Weekend - After traveling out of town for what seems like an entire month, it was time for a weekend at home.  Just what we needed.  While not adventuresome, per say, we did do some in-town exploring.  A bike ride to the local lake, lunch on the roof patio at my favorite restaurant in town, and a […]