Pardon Our Dust

You may have noticed a definitive absence here that started around late February.  I decided my services were needed elsewhere.  And by elsewhere I mean my guest bathroom on the second floor.  But wait, Alison, it’s May.  Good catch.  As it turns out, renovating a bathroom 90% solo, while maintaining your normal life, takes a very long time. Here is that saga. Totally worth it. Continue reading

Capturing the Unicorn: Cropped Herringbone Jacket

Jacket Collar
You may recall, from posts of old, that I started sewing in early fall of 2012. After taking a handful of classes at the local JoAnn, I signed up for Sewing 301: Dressy Jacket. Well, it may have been a little out of my league. And by a little, I mean a lot. Never one to purchase fabric as directed (read: ugly), I chose something I would actually wear. This meant making the entire sewing process infinitely harder on my very beginner self. Continue reading

Sewing Projects – Pillows

In reading through some other lifestyle blogs, I realized that the possibilities with sewing projects are pretty much endless, even though I’m still a beginner.  It seems obvious, but sometimes you just need a new perspective to see it!  In my marathon JoAnn Fabric trip, I bought some upholstery fabric on clearance and two pillow inserts.  Voila!  A little sass for our otherwise tame and tasteful sunroom. This fabric isn’t really indoor/outdoor, but the sunroom isn’t exposed to the elements; save for bugs and extreme temperatures.

Pillow 1Pillow 3Pillow 2Pillow 4Pillow 5
The sunroom is probably my favorite room in the house – all the windows open up with screens, and it’s nice and breezy.  I have whiled away many a morning and afternoon in this chair!