Books for Igniting Creativity and Inspiring Self Confidence – Part II

HappinessCoverThe Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

I think there are two kinds of people in this camp:  those that have heard about this book, already read it, and enjoyed it; or those people who think it sounds eerily close to a self-help book and shy away.  If you are in the skeptical group (which I typically am), it may seem a little out there, but trust me on this one.  “A book about happiness?  Wouldn’t that imply that I am categorically un-happy?”  Well, not necessarily.  Author Gretchen Rubin considered herself a pretty happy person, but in the hectic everyday, she began to wonder if there wasn’t something else she could be doing to make her life better.  (Aside from vague slices of advice like “eat more vegetables,” “get more exercise,” and “be nice.”  Those things aren’t exactly informative.)  Rubin decides to devote each month to a different aspect of happiness, and catalogs her findings along the way, so now we can do the same! Continue reading