Houseboat Adventure (Part 6)

This was our sixth year manhandling the manatee of a floating cottage around Lake Cumberland, also known simply as “Houseboat.” I refer to this annual trip with just a title like it’s spring break, or Vegas, or Cher. As in “when is the conference call for Houseboat?” And I have to say, it gets a little sweeter each year. Everyone was on the same page this trip – just the right amount of party, just the right amount of relaxing. Each person helped out and did their share; all the food was delicious, the drinks were cold, and the water was inviting. There’s something fabulous about sitting in a hot tub on the deck of a boat as it cruises along just before sunset. That actually happened. And for some giddy reason, everyone was very into champagne this year, so that really upped the celebratory feel. It was one of those trips where everything comes together to make for a just-about-perfect vacation. Lots of laughs, good weather, great friends. Continue reading

Houseboat Adventure (Part 5)

Houseboat Sunset Boat
Does an annual vacation still count as adventure? I think so, especially if it involves nature – both human and earthly. I say human nature because of the social-experimentation feel this trip sometimes takes on. Cue movie trailer voice-over: “What happens when you isolate 14 people in floating living quarters for a weekend excursion? Houseboat. 2013.” As this is our fifth year of the adventure, we have had a few long-term participants, and add/subtracted as the years have gone by. It’s always interesting to see what the dynamic is going to be. As a bona-fide introvert, it is a special challenge for me to be around that many people for that long. The nice part is that we have really cute cabins to retreat to. (The boat is in fact 6 bedroom, 1.5 bath, with full kitchen. Hot tub, double water slide, wet bar, central air. It’s a little crazy, really.) This year I finally realized that I was free to participate or not participate in any of the socializing I felt like – which met for a good balance. Why this took five years I’m not sure, probably something about getting older. Continue reading