Movement Detroit

People Mover
Most people who know me know I have a special love affair with concerts and live music.  So you can imagine my delight when Memorial Day weekend rolled around, and we were able to make our annual pilgrimage to Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit for Movement, an electronic music festival.  What’s special to me about this festival is not so much the music, but the fact that it usually ends up being a gathering place for good friends we haven’t seen in awhile.  With just about all of us in different cities (Chicago, Berkley, Wyandotte, and East Lansing on this particular year), it gets harder and harder to see everyone with regularity.  Meeting up in Hart Plaza becomes a great excuse to listen to some decent music, have a few drinks, eat high-quality carnie food, catch up, and dance our pants off.  (That part is optional, but c’mon, why wouldn’t you?)  This year was no exception.  The weather was beautiful, the city was teeming with people and so many good sights to see. Continue reading

Lollapalooza Love

Lolla Balloon 2010
You may have noticed a slight gap in my posting – and by slight I mean kind of gaping. My tardiness is warranted, I promise.  We’ve been on the road, Thursday through Monday – busy dancing and gallivanting around Grant Park in Chicago for Lollapalooza. But I don’t just say that as a casual fan – 2013 marked the SIXTH year for us.  I’m not exaggerating when I say I look forward to this all year. There really is no use in describing it, because it just ends up sounding like the corny, clichéd rants of a dreamy teen.  It’s definitely not for everybody – sweltering, nature-takes-all kind of weather, tons of people, tons of young people who think you are just an aging lady (am I projecting?), plenty of pushing and shoving, and slightly over-priced beer.  But oh, the music. There is nothing in the world that beats live music.  If you’ve never had a sing-a-long with 40,000 of your closest friends, or even a dance party with 15,000, then you’re missing out on one of life’s truly magical experiences.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.  Here’s a look back at a few photos I dug up from over the years – there are tons more, but there’s only so many crowd shots and stage pictures you can show people.  If you weren’t there, it really just looks like it was crowded, and you had bad seats. Continue reading

Common Ground

Common Ground AWOL
Every summer mid-Michigan has a week-long music festival, Common Ground.  The acts run the gamut from “on their way up” to “on their way down” – you might see someone that was really big in the eighties or nineties, as well as some obscure band just getting their start.  (I like to refer to it as a step away from the casino or county fair circuit.)  Ryan and I usually go for one of the nights.  For us, the bands are somewhat inconsequential.  We love festivals, people watching, beer drinking, carnie food, being outside, and live music. >