Canadian Camping

LSP 16
I would say the only, and I mean ONLY downside to traveling, especially camping, is the inevitable disaster that your home becomes before and after the trip. Or is that just my house? We’ll commiserate and pretend its everyone… I hope you’ll excuse my blogging absence, as I’ve been trying to reclaim our space from the camping gear and laundry that’s accumulated in every room.

This past weekend – from Thursday night to Monday night – we were in the great north, about two hours from Sault Ste. Marie, at Lake Superior Provincial Park. How did we get there? Turns out the world is pretty serendipitous. After running into a friend a baseball game, we were talking about fall plans, and she began telling us of this amazing camping trip she goes on every year to Canada – and that we should join the group this year. I’m not sure how serious she was at the time, but things escalated, and soon we were making packing lists and checking the weather! So, that’s how we ended up taking a long weekend in a magical northern paradise… Continue reading