Houseboat Adventure (Part 6)

This was our sixth year manhandling the manatee of a floating cottage around Lake Cumberland, also known simply as “Houseboat.” I refer to this annual trip with just a title like it’s spring break, or Vegas, or Cher. As in “when is the conference call for Houseboat?” And I have to say, it gets a little sweeter each year. Everyone was on the same page this trip – just the right amount of party, just the right amount of relaxing. Each person helped out and did their share; all the food was delicious, the drinks were cold, and the water was inviting. There’s something fabulous about sitting in a hot tub on the deck of a boat as it cruises along just before sunset. That actually happened. And for some giddy reason, everyone was very into champagne this year, so that really upped the celebratory feel. It was one of those trips where everything comes together to make for a just-about-perfect vacation. Lots of laughs, good weather, great friends. Continue reading

Saugatuck Getaway

For my mom’s birthday back in March I gave her a weekend in Saugatuck, just us. Leaving the men and dogs at home. Since my parents skip town immediately following her birthday, our trip had to wait until their return, almost three months later. A touristy-artsy-charming town on the west side of the state, Saugatuck is a great little place. We chose to go early in the season, and in the middle of the week to avoid both crowds and high weekend rates. The town is situated on Kalamazoo Lake, which then flows into Lake Michigan. Our visit was a little too chilly to do any beaching, but it’s supposed to be pretty spectacular. (I’m partial to Lake Michigan beaches as it is, so I couldn’t really give a fair assessment.) Continue reading

Corporate Retreat

Beach Walk
A couple weeks ago I had the amazing fortune to tag along as Ryan (and business partner Kevin) took the company to Mexico for a much-deserved, much-needed corporate retreat.

It’s no secret that I’m in love with Mexico. I dream about it all the time. I’m constantly bombarding Ryan with texts about the weather there, as not-so-helpful reminders that we could be living a glorious expat lifestyle on the beaches of Playa del Carmen. (Tech jobs lend themselves to living in tropical locations!) I digress.

There were eleven of us on the trip in total, and the majority had never been out of the country before – it was even someone’s first plane ride. So around Thanksgiving or so, the staff was informed to get passports – that was it. Then, around Christmastime, they were told about the impending adventure. They spent a few weeks informing clients, closed the office (except for a recent hire and an intern), and off we went. Continue reading

Jacksonville Adventure

Prior to a few weeks ago, I hadn’t been to Florida in over a decade. Ryan’s middle brother and parents have all relocated to Florida, and made plans for everyone to visit between Christmas and New Years. It was just a handy coincidence that in Michigan we were just coming off a violent ice storm, which included several days of below-freezing temperatures and power outages. Needless to say, we were ready to go. Continue reading