Scuba Class!

Snorkel Find

In the spirit of bringing less stuff into the house, I wanted to do something for Ryan’s birthday that was going to be more of an experience than a tangible present. (My inspiration was the utterly amazing trip to Mackinac Island that my parents gave me for my birthday.) We’ve talked on and off about for a few years about getting our scuba certification. Continue reading

Winter Reading Escapes

Uncle.  I officially cry uncle on this winter.  I give up.  Shoveling and snow boots have lost their luster; my puffy coats have had WAY more than their share of time on display.  I’m ready for the weather to break.  To wear all those cute shoes languishing in my closet, to stop wearing long johns to the office.  BUT, this is mid-Michigan, so we’ve got a healthy month left – although, does anyone remember that AH-mazing St. Patrick’s Day about three years ago where it was 80 degrees?  That was pretty crazy.  So we might not be too far away from a break in the snow? (Hear that hopefulness?)

Whatever the weather may bring, we’ve still got to tough it out, and by this time, if you’re like me, you’re a little “over” winter activities.  The next few weekends will be spent with home-baked goods, take-out, and lots of reading.  Hunkering down, if you will.  With that, I bring you a handful of titles to help you get lost in the lives of others, right in your living room (or your bed, I won’t judge).  These are captivating binge-worthy reads; and while they might not totally change your life, are the literary equivalent of a really good movie.  They’ll make you sit back and really think, or exercise your imagination, or just transport you to another country or time period for awhile. Continue reading